OOSH is a time where kids can be kids!

We support the kids to grow by allowing them
to learn through free play.

We strive to give children a voice to help them embrace their physical,
creative and emotional growth.

We encourage children’s input to create a positive,
sustainable and diverse environment.

We nurture the children’s independence and provide a safe environment
to enable them to build relationships that help create a sense of belonging.

We provide a program that opens the children’s world to allow risky play and spontaneity,
while promoting an environment that encourages children to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

We value a program that embraces diversity and individual growth.

We aspire to motivate our families and local community to
contribute, suggest and be involved in all aspects of our service.

As a team we promote the inclusion of all children to
become confident and creative individuals.

We believe children have the right to opportunity and encourage them
to explore and develop their interests. Children with dreams become adults with vision.

Endorsed: April 2019

Reviewed: July 2021

Centre Operational Hours

Monday to Friday

Before School Care 7:00am – 8:30am
After School Care 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Vacation Care 7:00am – 6:00pm

We are closed public holidays, pupil free days and for a period during the Christmas school holidays

Centre Fees

Before School Care $15
Before School Care Casual $18
After School Care $24
After School Care Casual $29
Vacation Care Excursion $80
Vacation Care Incursion $70

Our Staff



Gregor Agic

Assistant Coordinator

nicle pic

Nicole Saldern

Permanent Assistants


Jade Black

Natalie Gaul

Natalie Gaul

Indy Casual

Indy Haoui


Georgia Rayment

Casual Assistants

Jerome Van Der Heide

Holli raaff Staff Photo Casual

Holli Raaff


Jesse Whiting


Max Lehmann

Lynda Sawle

Joshua roberts

Joshua Roberts


Jonte Schouw


Sara Ryan


Imogen Hughes


Indigo Hunt


Ella Gray

Junior Assistants

Mia Allanson (3)

Mia Allanson